Literary Workshop Outcome

Literary Archives Writer’s Workshop

  1. Namibia Literary Archives Strategic Plan 2016-2018
  2. A first draft of the authority document on collection building for the National Library and the National Archives
  3. National Archives Depositors Agreement ( A draft)
  4. A copy of Authors and Their Papers, a guidance sheet for authors and writers ( kindly scrutinise the content of this document, which is a UK version and forward to our office your input and comments, to help develop a Namibian version of the document (to suit the needs of Namibian environment)

Library List

Libraries in Namibia

There is a network of 64 community libraries across the country and 14 special libraries

Publishers & Authors

Get an ISBN, a record, and advice about the Legal Deposit at National Library.


Start your research at the National Library of Namibia or National Archives
What Else We Got?

ICT Use in Libraries

Students using free internet
It is important to acknowledge that the emergence of ICT has immensely transformed the libraries’ traditional methods of disseminating information. In our quest to remain relevant we have come to realize that ICT access through libraries and digitization are not optional, but an obligation.

ICT enables us to facilitate access to information to our users while digitization gives us the chance to preserve fragile documents and make them accessible in digital format to the people of Namibia. Digitization helps us to preserve the nation’s valuable historical documents.