The history

Community libraries, formerly known as public libraries in Namibia have been in existence since the German colonial era.

The history of community libraries

From 1990 up to date 64 community libraries were established through the Namibia Library and Archives Services (NLAS), a directorate in the Ministry of Education. (see centre spread).

The nature of services, facilities & resources

We are striving to move away from the traditional concept of lend-a-book service.

The nature of services, facilities & resources

Community Library Service is striving to move away from the traditional concept of lend-a-book service as well as providing mostly only fiction books and few non-fiction materials in general to multi-functional library services.

Functions of Community Libraries

To provide information services and support to research, studies and employment related information enquiries

Functions of Community Libraries

Support lifelong learning – including distance studies; Provide textbooks and supplementary education materials for primary and secondary school levels; Provide electronic resources.

“The public library is the local centre of information, making all kinds of knowledge and information readily available to its users”.

Services offered at Community Libraries

Community libraries provide computer services that can be used for free by community members for a variety of purposes such as: word processing; searching the databases, surfing the internet – reading newspapers online; sending emails and so forth.
The libraries provide photocopy services for library materials for study purposes. Photocopying of material is done within the constraints of the copyright law.
Most Community Libraries that have internet access offer free WI-FI for users with own laptops and smartphones.
One aspect of community libraries is to provide study space. The demand for this facility is on the increase and libraries strive to make provision for adequate space for their users.
The libraries provide printing services for their users at lower cost. Most libraries charge 50 cents per page for black and white printing.
Community libraries strive to have a separate section for children appropriately furnished with low shelves, chairs, mats and large cushions to sit on while browsing books and playing games.
Lockable individual study rooms (2-3 cubicles) where an individual researcher or a small group of researchers/students who need to study and even keep books for a longer time can peacefully concentrate are a necessity. Available at some libraries only.
An area dedicated for business information with comfortable chairs and tables for reading, and one or two computers can be also assigned in a community library. Available at some libraries only.
This type of service is available in most libraries for children, learners and students to be able to watch educational videos/DVDs.

List of Community Libraries around Namibia

Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
SWAKOPMUND COMMUNITY LIBRARY Bismark Street Woermann house Private Bag 5014 Swakopmund 064-405837
HENTIESBAY COMMUNITY LIBRARY Jakkals Pit Erf 1497, in front of FNB building P.O.Box 165 Hentiesbay 064-500467
OMARURU COMMUNITY LIBRARY Willem Zeraeua Street Erf 233 P.O.Box 21 Omaruru 064-570057
USAKOS COMMUNITY LIBRARY Theo Ben Gurirab Street P.O.Box 290 Usakos 064-530099
KARIBIB COMMUNITY LIBRARY Hidipo Hamutunya Road P.O.Box 269 Karibib 064-550602
ARANDIS COMMUNITY LIBRARY P.O.Box 284 Arandis 064-512026
WALVISBAAI COMMUNITY LIBRARY Nangolo Mbumba Drive Private Bag 5017 Walvisbaai 064-2013260
KUISEBMUND COMMUNITY LIBRARY Nathaniel Maxwilili Street Private Bag 5017 Walvisbaai 064-2013315
NARRAVILLE COMMUNITY LIBRARY Private Bag 5017 Walvisbaai 064-2013198
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
REHOBOTH COMMUNITY LIBRARY Micheal Diergaart Street P.O.Box 4567 Rehoboth 062-522525
MARIENTAL COMMUNITY LIRARY Wolf Aard Street P.O.Box 32 Mariental 063-240694
ARANOS COMMUNITY LIBRARY Aranos town – next to Salomon Primary School & Aranos Primary School (on top of the hill) P.O.Box 22 Aranos (Box is closed) 063-272130
MALTAHOHE COMMUNITY LIBRARY ERF 361Andrew Ville, School Street. In the same compound with Daweb Combined School P.O.Box 11 Malthahohe 063-293176
GIBEON COMMUNITY LIBRARY Private Bag 1009 Gibeon 063-251088
GOCHAS COMMUNITY LIBRARY Next to Stoney” Hotel P.O.Box 83 Gochas 063-250051
KALKRAND COMMUNITY LIBRARY Ministry of Gender building P.O.Box 24 Kalkrand 063-264107
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
KEETMANSHOOP COMMUNITY LIBRARY Hampie Plighter Street, next to P.K. De Villiers Secondary School P.O.Box 1309 Keetmanshoop 063-227022
BETHANIE COMMUNITY LIBRARY Next to Hendrick Fredrick Traditional Authority House P.O.Box 95 Bethanie 063-283146
KOES COMMUNITY LIRARY Dispuut Street, Next to the Police Station, Koes P.O.Box 89 Koes 063-252731
LUDERITZ COMMUNITY LIBRARY Ring Street P.O.Box 34 Luderitz 063-202444
KARASBURG COMMUNITY LIBRARY Main Street P.O.Box 271 Karasburg 063-270243
WARMBAD COMMUNITY LIBRARY De Villiers Street P.O.Box 30 Warmbad 063-269103
AROAB COMMUNITY LIBRARY Winkel Street Erf no:131 P.O.Box 17 Aroab 063-280536
ROSH PINA COMMUNITY LIBRARY Old Sentra building P.O.Box 19 Rosh Pina 063-274082
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
WINDHOEK PUBLIC LIBRARY Luderitz Street, next to High Court Private Bag 13183 Windhoek 061-224163
OKURYANGAVA COMMUNITY LIBRARY Private Bag 13186 Windhoek 061-217621
GREENWELL MATONGO COMMUNITY LIBRARY In the same building as the Greenwell Community Centre (next to the Police Sub Station) Private Bag 13236 Windhoek
ROSSING COMMUNITY KATUTURA Corner of Rama and Clemence Kapuuo Street, Erf no: 1518 Private Bag 13236 Windhoek 061-263599
Rossing Khomasdal Rand Street, Khomasdal Private Bag 13236 Windhoek 061-210981
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
RUNDU COMMUNITY LIBRARY Markus Siwarongo Private Bag 2134 Rundu 066-255269
SHINYUNGWE COMMUNITY LIBRARY P.O.Box 1336 Shinyungwe 066-264011
MUKWE COMMUNITY LIBRARY Frans Dimbare, Rural Youth Training Centre P.O.Box 5066  Divundu 066-258308
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
KHORIXAS COMMUNITY LIBRARY Private Bag 2007 Khorixas 067-335000
OUTJO COMMUNITY LIBRARY Police Station Road Erf K16051 P.O.Box 131 Outjo 067-313299
KAMANJAB COMMUNITY LIBRARY Rotsvesting Street P.O.Box 91 Kamanjab 067-330183
OPUWO COMMUNITY LIBRARY Main Road of Opuwo Private Bag 3034 Opuwo 065-272977
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
OHANGWENA REGIONAL LIBRARY On the main road to Oukwanyama Palace, Helao Nafidi Private Bag 88005 Eenhana 065-260153
EENHANA COMMUNITY LIBRARY Dimo Haambo, Multi Purpose Youth Centre Private Bag 88005 Eenhana 065-263167
OMUGWELUME COMMUNITY LIBRARY In the same premises with Eengedjo Secondary School – Omungwelume 0812309460 Lovisa
OKONGO COMMUNITY LIBRARY Box 15095 Okongo 065-288425
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
OMAHEKE REGIONAL LIBRARY On the main road to Epako P.O.Box 48 Gobabis 062-562532
LEONARDVILLE COMMUNITY LIBRARY Gideon Street P.O.Box 24 Leonardville 062-569175
BEN HUR COMMUNITY LIBRARY Closed for now P.O.Box 1571 Gobabis 062-568442
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
OUTAPI COMMUNITY LIBRARY Isaak Pondo Street, Youth Centre building P.O.Box 197 Outapi 065-251633
OKAHAO COMMUNITY LIBRARY Main Road of Okahao Town Private Bag 502 Okahao 065-252550
TSANDI COMMUNITY LIBRARY Off the main road to Onesi 065-258105
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
OSHAKATI REGIONAL LIBRARY Behind Shoprite at Yetu Complex Private Bag 2251 Oshakati 065-221564
ROSSING ONDANGWA COMMUNITY LIBRARY Main Road P.O.Box 469 Ondangwa 065-241261
UUGWANGULA COMMUNITY LIBRARY In the same building as Uukwambi Traditional Authority, on the main Road to Okahao 065-
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
TSUMEB COMMUNITY LIBRARY Dr Sam Nujoma Street P.O.Box 317 Tsumeb 067-220557
OMUTHIYA COMMUNITY LIBRARY In the same building with the Omuthiya Youth Centre Private Bag 2028 Ondangwa 065-244198
TSINTSABIS COMMUNITY LIBRARY In the same compound with Tsintsabis Combined School P.O.Box 1901 Tsumeb 067-220725
AUALA COMMUNITY LIBRARY On the main road to Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital, opposite Oniipa ELCIN Guest House Private Bag 2018 Ondangwa 065-248219
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
GROOTFONTEIN COMMUNITY LIBRARY Rahtbona Street P.O.Box 68 Grootfontein 067-242957
OTJIWARONGO COMMUNITY LIBRARY Sonweg Erf no 18 Private Bag 2618 Otjiwarongo 067-303278
OKAHANDJA COMMUNITY LIBRARY Bruno Templin Street / Khimemua Ave, next to J.G. van Der Wath  Secondary School P.O.Box 64 Okahandja 062-501767
OTAVI COMMUNITY LIBRARY P.O.Box 124 Otavi 067-234262/
Name Street Address Postal Address Phone
KATIMA MULILO COMMUNITY LIBRARY Hage Geingob Street Private Bag 5006 Katima Mulilo 066-252341 (0814860867)
KABBE COMMUNITY LIBRARY Private Bag 5006 Katima Mulilo 066-25253002/2525125