About NLAS

The Directorate of Library and Archives Services was established in April 1993 with the rationalization of the structure of the Ministry of Basic Education, Sport and Culture. The Directorate consists of five sub-divisions: Community and Public Library Services, National Library, Government Library Services (now called the Ministerial Library services), Education Library Services and the National Archives.

The government also put in place an enabling legal framework- The Namibia Library and Information Service Act 4 of2000 and the Archives Act 12 of 1992, to guide and regulate library and archives operations and functions in the country. The Namibia Library and Information Service Act 4 of 2000makes provision for the establishment of the Namibia Library and Information Council (NLIC), which advises the Minister on library and information matters and supports the information community by facilitating the development of resources, networks, standards, coordinating legal deposit; advocating and raising funds for libraries.

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